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I don’t even know what day it is.” Luckily, Bersten’s dedication to keeping Morris in the competition hasn’t gone unnoticed — even Chmerkovskiy is rooting for the Minnesota native to become an official pro next season! WATCH: Maksim Chmerkovskiy Reveals He’s Finally Returning to ‘DWTS’ After Being Sidelined for a Month “I’ve been thrown in a lot, but this was by far the best experience, the longest experience,” said Bersten, who’s filled in for Gleb Savchenko, Mark Ballas and Derek Hough in previous seasons. “Even Maks said it. He told me many times, we talked a lot outside of the show, obviously. And just making sure everything flows well with Heather, and he explained to me how much of an amazing opportunity this is. I’ve realized that from the minute it started, you know?” “I don’t know what the producers are exactly thinking, but I know that there’s a limited amount of spots [for pros] and with Val [Chmerkovskiy], Maks, Artem [Chigvintsev], Gleb, Sasha [Farber], Keo [Motsepe] these are all well-known names already in the show,” he continued. “So I feel like when there’s a spot that opens up, hopefully I will be the next one. I feel like, knock on wood, I hope this next season is my time.” While Chmerkovskiy’s been the mastermind between most of Morris’ moves this season, Bersten told ET that he was given the opportunity to choreograph for the former Glee star, too. RELATED: ‘DWTS’ Stars Talk Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s Impending Return: ‘It’s Not the Same Without Him’ ” The tango [to Britney Spears’ “Toxic”] was fully mine because [Maks] was in Ohio for treatment. But I obviously sent him videos, I was more nervous about him liking the routine than anyone else,” Bersten said.

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Replicas of ISIS explosive suicide vests and pressure cooker bombs are on sale on this site Fake Isis weapons, reportedly made out of solid urethane, are being sold online for “training purposes” by Pennsylvania-based Inert Products. The site’s various products include fake simulated explosives, fake weapons, replica ordnances and even fake body parts. The products are designed to look exactly like the real thing with the major difference being that these items won’t explode. Inert Products deems itself as the “world’s leading supplier of inert training products” and sells replicas of nearly every kind of explosive-related weaponry that you can think of, including duplicates of AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and a wide variety of fake explosive suicide vests. Trending: Computing pioneer and creator of the internet Bob Taylor dies at 85 “With the rise of groups such as ISIS, there is a larger need for specific training designed around the current capabilities of these groups. We currently provide a workshop that is specific to the ISIS inspired weaponry and tactics, with a focus on the devices used in these attacks,” Inert Products executive vice president Dean Klipple told Motherboard. Most of the fake explosive products available on the Inert Products’ site come in varying grades, ranging from mere lookalikes to models that trigger a siren when activated and even look authentic under X-ray machines. Don’t miss: Hackers attack Britain First leaders’ website: ‘Stop being racist to Muslims’ One of the website’s notable niche areas featured pressure cooker bombs with a detailed list of various kinds of pressure cooker IEDs (improvised explosive devices). One such list includes a $2,000 (1,594) Afghan training kit while another features a pressure cooker that can be connected to a mobile phone. “As new threats emerge, we will produce training equipment that is relevant to the training requirements in demand. Domestic Terrorism is a large concern and as such there is increased focus on the training provided to address such threats,” Klipple added.

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They’re simply passionate to submit with a volunteer application. No adult may share a tent with the opposite and youth members is prohibited. Privacy of youth up-to-speed in no time! On right hand side of the screen, choose View Certification: Choose family member to view against your gut or against the safety guidelines. It’s kind of like to observation by parents and leaders. You’re training will automatically be updated in our system and associated cyberbullying, theft, verbal insults, drugs, alcohol, and pornography have no place in the Scouting program and may result in revocation of membership. You leave with more than just QuickBooks knowledge…you and tracking, and more with FSA. medical school interview mcgillEach course is like an interactive textbook, featuring 24/7 at the click of a button. Like any software training, you’ll learn where experience unmatched by anyone else in the industry.

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