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This years Mental Health Awareness Month Theme is before stage four (#B4Stage4) in an effort to highlight preventative methods people can take for their mental healththe same way they might for their physical health. The Family Institute takes an integrated, systemic approach to mental health treatmentone that focuses on the entire individual. Our expert staff is uniquely positioned to comment on the preventative aspects of mental health treatmentfrom anxiety to depression, from marriage strains to parenting conflictsbecause of the truly integrated nature of our work. To speak to an expert clinician about mental illness symptoms, prevention, or about National Mental Health Awareness Month, please contact Institute Director of Public Relations Cyndi Schu at or 312-609-5300 ext. 483. ABOUT THE FAMILY INSTITUTE AT NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY – The Family Institute at Northwestern University ( is committed to strengthening and healing families and individuals from all walks of life through clinical service, education and research. An affiliate of Northwestern University, The Family Institute is a unique, innovative not-for-profit organization, governed by its own independent Board of Directors and responsible for its own funding. The Institute offers a wide range of high quality mental health counseling through our staff practice and our sliding-fee scale Bette D. Harris Family and Child Clinic, where we are committed to serving at-risk, under-resourced communities. The Family Institute also operates two nationally-renowned graduate programs in marriage and family therapy and counseling psychology in affiliation with Northwestern University, and conducts cutting edge research projects that lead to a better understanding and treatment of mental health issues.

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