An Analysis Of Rational Programs For Qualification For Cardiology


Dr. Paul Scheel, division chief of the nephrology department at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and vice president of the Johns Hopkins Physicians, will work alongside the medical directors of the new hemodialysis facilities. Chronic kidney disease is a considerable, but unrecognized health issue in this country, said Dr. Scheel. are pleased to be a part of this initiative, dedicated to providing optimal dialysis services to our patients. An outpatient pediatric hemodialysis unit will be located at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, the only dialysis center in the state of Maryland dedicated to treating children with chronic kidney disease. The center, located at 1800 Orleans Street, will also have an area dedicated to serving patients receiving in-center dialysis and another for people who are on home dialysis . The other seven dialysis centers are: Fresenius Kidney Care Caroline Street, 409 North Caroline Street, Baltimore Fresenius Kidney Care Fleet Street, 3700 Fleet Street, Baltimore Fresenius Kidney Care Dundalk, 1732 Merritt Boulevard, Dundalk Fresenius Kidney Care Lutheran Greenspring Drive, 1940 Greenspring Drive, Lutherville-Timonium Fresenius Kidney Care Nashua Court, 3 Nashua Court, Baltimore Fresenius Kidney Care Broadway Street, 1900 North Broadway, Baltimore Fresenius Kidney Care Eastern Avenue, 4940 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore Dialysis is a medical treatment for individuals with kidney failure and end stage renal disease that uses sophisticated medical machines to replace many of the kidneys essential functions required for survival. The dialysis process filters harmful wastes, salt and excess fluid from an individuals blood, restoring a normal, healthy balance. The majority of patients receive treatment at a dialysis center three times a week, with each session lasting approximately four hours. Today, more than 450,000 people in the United States are on dialysis. About Fresenius Kidney Care Fresenius Kidney Care, a division of Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA), provides dialysis treatment and services to nearly 200,000 people with kidney disease at more than 2,200 facilities nationwide.

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