Advice On Efficient Interview Skills Methods

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She says, I just send them a text; I say, Next! medical school interview invitesThat was the assessment of Tim Orellano, president of the Human Resources Team, a Little Rock-based consulting firm, playing a hypothetical interviewer. This is how companies identify people with so-called soft skills, in the interview process, he said. Skills gap discussions often pivot on abilities or qualifications that employers find in short supply, but broader communication and human interaction traits are more likely to determine success or failure on the job, human resources experts say. article sourceCompanies ask behavioral questions, and the interview is key, said Orellano, who spent years as an HR executive. An employment application basically tells employers what they want to know; a resume tells them what the applicants want them to know. To find out about teamwork, dedication, flexibility or handling a rude customer, you have to ask questions that cant be answered yes or no. Though soft skills arent often listed on resumes, a CareerBuilder survey found that 77 percent of employers find them just as important as hard skills, and 16 percent see them as more important. A 2015 survey of 750 business managers by Instructure, a software company, discovered that most prefer hiring people with strong interpersonal skills and training them in technical areas rather than vice versa. Eighty-five percent listed a strong work ethic as the most desirable attribute in job candidates. The best-practice companies are willing to take a hardworking person with people skills and say, yes, maybe you dont have the experience in a certain area that would be ideal, but we have a training program for you, or they step up in some other way to get that person, Orellano said, using Southwest Airlines as an example. Theyll hire more for attitude than just skills. Now, if youre a pilot, youre going to need to know how to fly a plane.

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