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Foster said Steiner and the lawyers are still appealing the Steiners’ injunction itself. Rabbi Steiner is complying with the preliminary injunction that still holds, Foster said. interview skills course galwayWhatever he does inside the boundaries is allowed. Shemtov said he has overseen Chabad GW since the early 1990s and objects to the new organization using the name Chabad, because they are not involved with his organization. His organization, the American Friends of Lubavitch (Chabad), would like to engage with other Jewish organizations, which has been impossible at GW, he said. He said he wishes students could hear the whole story, instead of making judgments after hearing only part of the relevant information. We would even be willing to help them if they wish, since they say they have no rabbi operating at present, Shemtov said. He added that he sent people to public Chabad Colonials events, and only to observe whether or not the Steiners were violating the injunction. The students need to conduct their activities under a name which doesn’t imply that they represent Chabad Lubavitch in any way, Shemtov said. Given our long and accepted history of the usage of the name at GW, people have come to expect that activities of Chabad on the GW campus are under our auspices, and we are responsible for them. Alexander Rogosa, a law student, submitted a testimony to the court in July after he observed a Chabad Colonial event that spring that the Steiners attended along with GW students. He wrote in his testimony that Yudi Steiner brought a shopping cart filled with supplies like food, plates and prayer books to the event at a students apartment. While they were waiting, I heard them discuss whether they brought everything needed for the Seder, Ragosa wrote in the document.

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The staff may not be ready for you yet and it can be a bit awkward to be milling about as they set up the breakfast tray or lay out the folders and name tags. interview skills rcnBut you can stand out for who you are. How well do you work with others and get along as part of a team? Unless you read tea leaves, there’s no way to predict all the questions you’ll be asked. Why did you apply to this medical school? What were your responses? Would you be available to work extra hours if needed? Clinical exposure… Be neat and comfortable. √  Try to relax and enjoy yourself.

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