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Justice Department representative has urged them to think more proactively about the internal culture of the police department. By invitation of Mayor Jason Sheltons administration, Walter Atkinson with the Justice Departments Community Relations Service was in Tupelo last week. reviewed some recent strategies undertaken to improve trust and engagement between local citizens and city leadership. Those strategies were unveiled in the wake of unrest following the June 18 shooting death of a black man by a white Tupelo police officer. The Justice Departments Community Relations Service offers mediation, education and training to communities in conflict or potential conflict over purported discrimination. The Community Relations Service has no law enforcement authority. On Thursday, Atkinson met with a committee recently formed to study the Tupelo Police Departments community policing services. The committee will make recommendations for changes or improvements. Shelton and the Tupelo Police Department leadership have maintained that the city has long had a strong commitment to community-oriented policing. City leaders have touted such programs at the Police Athletic League for youth, partnerships with local neighborhood associations, the Community Forward Festival and other programs and events. However, Atkinson said community policing goes beyond special events and programs.

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